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I'm so excited for you! I remember the day I found your blog- I was so happy! I grew up in a Mennonite family (foster care) and learned to "cook Mennonite" growing up. This, of course, meant that very few of Mom's classics were actually in writing anywhere, so your blog has meant so much to me because I can finally replicate my favorite (and thrifty!) childhood recipes without having to grill my mom about how much "a nice schleif-full" of flour is!! I was sad that I missed your visit to Winnipeg, but even if I don't win, I fully intend to pick up a copy of the cookbook at Hull's, near my workplace! Best of luck, ladies!  Ada (facebook comment)
Your book arrived today - can't tell you how amazing I think it is - to share such love and hospitality and such strong faiths in Jesus in a wonderful cookbook - I was reading with tears in my eyes! Thank you all.
To anyone else in the UK who wants a copy - I got mine from Aphrohead books through Amazon.
Posted by Morgan

I come from a long line of great Mennonite cooks and loved it when I found the blog and could share recipes with my Mom and Sister. Now we have the cookbook and love to share our favorite recipes. I am always printing recipes off the blog and bringing them to my Mom who loves to try new recipes. Thanks for all the great recipes and I am a Mennonite Girl who loves to cook and bake. Thanks ladies for having recipes that use normal ingredients.  Wanda  (facebook comment)

Oh, I was wondering about those aprons too... love them. And the bowls- yes, there are still some of that set left in my mother's cupboard. She and my grandmothers always wore aprons, and for Christmas us girls even got crocheted ones from one Grandma to be worn on Sundays! I still have mine though've never worn aprons. Just love the retro look of yours though, and want one even if only to hang in my kitchen. My daughter sews... :) I think I have a project for her.

I haven't commented on your book... only just picked it up in the mail as we got home from vacation on Mon.- it is beautiful, so well done. Congratulations and blessings to you all! What a great God-inspired venture.. isn't He full of surprises!

-Marg N

I keep using this site, buying the books and giving them away. I love it.  Ang  (facebook comment)


From Lori,
I gave my mom and my mother-in-law a copy of your book for Mothers day. They were both very excited to get it. My mother has a mennonite upbringing, but is not one to use a computer, so to have it in written form is really nice for her. My mother-in has a Russian upbringing, so the comparison of ethnicities is interesting for her. Wow! That book is beautiful!! Thanks you so much for the the incredible amount of work that went into that!!! Happy Mothers Day! I hope you get to rest a bit, after all that work and all those book signings!

Love your daily fb posts and browsing your blog. Recently acquired the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" cookbook and yesterday tried the potato salad. I used potatoes grown by my husband in our organic garden. Complements were plentiful at the carry-in last evening. I was happy to talk about the book and the fun things I've learned from a variety of your postings. Thanks for your work. Blessings!  Phyllis (facebook comment)

Just wanted to stop by and say how much I'm enjoying your cookbook. I received it three days ago and have already been through it a couple times! I think it will be a well worn favorite!
Special thanks to your publisher for giving me not only a review copy but a giveaway copy for my blog!

Thanks for all the work you did on the book!

From Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti says. .
    I have to tell everyone the new MGCC cookbook is wonderful! I have been enjoying reading through all the recipes and the delightful stories about each of you special ladies. The photography is exceptional and the recipe instructions are very easy to follow.

    I encourage everyone who reads this blog to buy a copy of the cookbook! It would make an excellent Mother's Day gift!

From Holly. .

To all the Mennonite Girls Who Cook:
I just got my 2 cookbooks in the mail today. I love it, I just love it. I can hardly wait to give the other one to my girlfriend. What perfect timing, to arrive the day before Easter! I am so excited that I am having trouble getting my cleaning and dinner prep for tomorrow done!
I love the biographies of each contributor. I love the history, not just the Mennonite aspect but the Russian, German, Brazilian, Iranian, etc. I love hearing the stories of faith and farm work and lessons learned and passed on. I love the photos and I love the aprons! I am looking forward to sitting down and reading it all from end to end, and then starting to make some of these recipes.
I congratulate you on letting this thing grow so big and develop and materialize! I know the Lord will bless it as He has blessed you so far.
Thanks for all your labors of love.

From Jem60 . .

Mine arrived today in the mail I started reading it and couldn't put it down. I am so glad I ordered two copies from the company I have a special young lady who will love the book also. i odered mine from the Mennonite Publishing Network. Thanks Girls for all of your hard work I know many will enjoy the MGGC Cookbook.